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High quality hot-dip galvanized steel
The process of galvanizing after welding is used for welding component
The guarantee period is more than 20 years
Hot-dip galvanizing with double sides
All components are assembled on site
Connector and fastener corrosion will not occur within 20 years


1.Single span plastic poly tunnel film greenhouse is economic.

2.It is used for tomato,cucumber,lettuce,strawberry,mushroom,herb,pepper,eggplant etc.
3.Plastic film greenhouse will help to increase the yield of the vegetable.
4.It will help to grow in the cold winter,and it will help to lower the temperature in the hot summer.It is widely used all over the world.

PE Film greenhouse is the most widely used commercial greenhouses for crop production. HUIFA greenhouse features longer growing season, all-around crop protection, durable structure while still maintaining low cost per square feet.

Multispan-glass greenhouse has a modern and novel in exterior, and has a stable structure.
It adopts hot galvanized pipes. So it is strong and practical and also simple beautiful in overall. 
The covering material is glass which has the high transmittance, good insulation.
The design of wide span and pinnacle made a large operating inner space, a high utilization and a good bandwagon effect.

Glass greenhouse is the facility used to improve the capacity of the plants like fruit, vegetables, flower….by controlling the light,
temperature and humidity in specific growing area. By making full use of its dominant  advantage in making suitable closed
environment, Glass greenhouse is widely used in planting, show sighting, product exhibition, ecological restaurant, and seeding

The multi span film greenhouse is simple and practical equipment for cultivation or breeding, it is easy to construct, convenient to use. It is widely used in the cultivation of vegetables, fruits and flowers. The greenhouse can provide the conditions of suitable illumination, moisture and temperature, raising the output and resisting the natural disasters. It can bring forward or backward the provision, remitting the contradictions of provision and demand.

Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouse china commercial greenhouse for sale

Product Detail:


SAINPOLY provide operations with the highest-quality polycarbonate greenhouse that is designed to ensure the utmost durability. Each greenhouse features a triple-galvanized steel frame that is covered with ultra-strong polycarbonate. These structures have been affectionately referred to as “bomb proof,” and are a great option in regions that frequently experience heavy snow or wind.

Greenhouse structures were created with the most competitive growers in mind, and no detail has been spared. Along with every structure in SAINPOLY’s Commercial Series, can be completely customized and tailored to any operation’s needs. A SAINPOLY structure can come with all the accessories and growing equipment that is required, including growing systems, blackout systems, lighting, venting, heating, cooling and more.

Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouse china commercial greenhouse for sale Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouse china commercial greenhouse for sale


  • Commercial Greenhouses are covered with 8 mm polycarbonate that is impact resistant and promotes a controlled environment.
  • Peak-roof design provides ventilation, helping to limit plant stress, and reduces the buildup of water, ice and snow. The energy-efficient 6/12 design also helps to limit monthly costs.
  • Extra-tall, 10’ sidewalls ensure the maximum amount of usable space and can house even the tallest plants.
  • Both sides of the greenhouse feature gutters, and they can be gutter connected, enabling growers to build a greenhouse of any size.
  • End Frame Kits and End Cladding Kits are available. End Cladding Kits come in Corrugated Polycarbonate or 8 mm Twin-Wall Polycarbonate.

SAINPOLY Commercial Greenhouses can be outfitted to provide complete environmental control. Greenhouse Specialists can help customers design a greenhouse system that best compliments their operation, while also potentially boosting profitability by implementing energy- and labor-saving options. 

Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouse china commercial greenhouse for sale Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouse china commercial greenhouse for sale

Commercial growers looking for the industry’s finest polycarbonate greenhouse choose the SAINPOLY Greenhouse.



Span Width 8m/9.6m/10.8m/12m
Height on gutter 4m/5m/6m
Height on top 4.8m/5.8m/6.8m
4.8m/5.8m/6.8m 4m (inside) / 2m (outside)
Bay width 4m

Application scenario of SAINPOLY greenhouse



Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouses: Revolutionizing Modern Agriculture


In the world of modern agriculture, the demand for efficient and sustainable growing solutions has never been greater. The advent of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses has revolutionized the way we cultivate crops, offering a host of benefits that traditional methods simply cannot match. This comprehensive product description will delve into the attributes, functions, and advantages of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses, highlighting their role in transforming the agricultural landscape.

What are Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouses?

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses are advanced structures designed to create optimal growing conditions for plants. These greenhouses are constructed using a durable and lightweight arched polycarbonate (PC) sheet, which provides excellent light transmission, insulation, and UV protection. The arched shape of these greenhouses offers enhanced structural stability, allowing them to withstand various weather conditions and heavy loads.

Attributes of Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouses

  • Superior Light Transmission

The arched PC sheet used in these commercial greenhouses ensures maximum light transmission. The high-quality polycarbonate material allows light to pass through while diffusing it evenly throughout the greenhouse, minimizing the occurrence of shadows. This attribute is crucial for promoting uniform plant growth and optimizing photosynthesis, resulting in healthier and more productive crops.

  • Excellent Insulation Properties

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses offer exceptional insulation properties, helping to maintain stable internal temperatures. The polycarbonate material acts as an effective barrier against heat loss during colder months and prevents excessive heat buildup during hot seasons. This insulation feature enables growers to create a controlled environment, protecting plants from temperature fluctuations and ensuring ideal growing conditions year-round.

  • UV Protection

The PC sheet used in these commercial greenhouses provides reliable UV protection for plants. It filters harmful ultraviolet rays, preventing damage to crops and reducing the risk of diseases caused by excessive exposure. The UV protection attribute of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses is particularly valuable for sensitive plants and crops that require specific light conditions.

  • Durability and Structural Strength

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses are known for their durability and structural strength. The arched shape offers excellent load-bearing capacity, allowing the greenhouse to withstand heavy snowfall and strong winds. The polycarbonate material is impact-resistant and highly durable, ensuring the longevity of the structure and minimizing maintenance costs over time.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Install

Despite their robust construction, arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses are remarkably lightweight. This characteristic makes them easier to handle during installation and reduces the need for heavy machinery. The lightweight nature of the structure also contributes to its versatility, enabling growers to relocate or expand their greenhouse as per their evolving needs.

Functions of Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouses

  • Crop Cultivation and Protection

The primary function of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses is to provide an ideal environment for crop cultivation. By controlling factors such as temperature, humidity, and light exposure, growers can create optimal conditions for the growth and development of various crops. The greenhouse structure also acts as a shield, protecting plants from pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions, thereby ensuring higher crop yields and better-quality produce.

  • Season Extension

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses offer an extended growing season, allowing farmers to cultivate crops outside of their natural growing periods. By providing a controlled environment, these greenhouses enable the cultivation of crops during colder months, early springs, and late autumns. This feature is particularly advantageous for regions with shorter growing seasons, as it maximizes production and diversifies crop availability.

  • Research and Experimentation

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses serve as excellent spaces for agricultural research and experimentation. The controlled environment they provide allows scientists, researchers, and horticulturists to study crop behavior, test new techniques, and develop innovative growing methods. This function aids in advancing agricultural knowledge and enhancing crop productivity on a broader scale.

Advantages of Arched PC Sheet Commercial Greenhouses

  • Increased Crop Yield and Quality

The optimized growing conditions inside arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses result in increased crop yield and improved quality. The ability to control temperature, humidity, and light exposure allows growers to create the ideal environment for each crop’s specific needs. This precision in cultivation promotes faster growth, healthier plants, and higher-quality produce, ultimately leading to greater profitability for farmers.

  • Protection from Adverse Weather

One of the significant advantages of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses is the protection they offer against adverse weather conditions. Unlike open-field cultivation, where crops are susceptible to sudden temperature changes, storms, and hail, these greenhouses provide a secure and sheltered environment. Growers can rest assured that their crops are shielded from extreme weather events, reducing the risk of crop failure and ensuring a more stable income.

  • Reduced Water Consumption

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses contribute to water conservation in agriculture. The controlled environment within the greenhouse minimizes water loss through evaporation, ensuring efficient water utilization. The ability to regulate humidity levels also reduces the risk of drought stress on plants. By using water more effectively, growers can conserve this precious resource and cultivate crops in a more sustainable manner.

  • Pest and Disease Management

The enclosed structure of arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses acts as a physical barrier against pests, insects, and pathogens. This reduces the need for chemical pesticides and enables growers to adopt more environmentally friendly pest management practices. By minimizing the risk of infestations and diseases, these greenhouses promote healthier plants, reduce crop losses, and enhance overall crop health.

  • Energy Efficiency

Arched PC sheet commercial greenhouses are designed to be energy-efficient. The excellent insulation properties of the PC sheet minimize heat loss during colder months, reducing the need for additional heating. Similarly, during hot seasons, the greenhouse structure prevents excessive heat buildup, decreasing reliance on cooling systems. This energy-saving feature not only lowers operational costs but also contributes to a greener and more sustainable farming approach.

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