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We can provide one-stop service from designing, production, installation, testing and after-sale service.

All the greenhouses can be made by customers' demand and can be advised by our professional experience.

Each greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and bad weather.

Photovoltaic solar greenhouse is a new greenhouse, is in on the greenhouse top all or part of the sunny surface, laying photovoltaic solar power panels, it has power generation capacity, but also can provide a suitable production environment for some crops or edible fungi.

Bulgarian shrimp pond and fish and vegetable symbiosis greenhouse

Challenge – Environmental control over growing areas
Solution –Water circulation equipment, ecological greenhouse restaurant
Size: 32m*42m
Application – Shrimps and vegetables
Location – Bulgaria


Green House
6528㎡film greenhouse+1600 PC greenhouse
SAINPOLY Uzbekistan Hydroponic Greenhouse-2017.11
10368㎡ film greenhouse
SAINPOLY Uzbekistan Simple Greenhouse-2019.5
10000㎡ film greenhouse
SAINPOLY UZ Large Greenhouse-2018.12
20000㎡ film greenhouse
15000㎡ Film Greenhouse
30*132 Commercial Greenhouse
SAINPOLY America Hemp Greenhouse-2015.12
12*20 Blackout Greenhouse
SAINPOLY America Tunnel Greenhouse-2019.6
12*20 Tunnel Greenhouse

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