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We can provide one-stop service from designing, production, installation, testing and after-sale service.

All the greenhouses can be made by customers' demand and can be advised by our professional experience.

Each greenhouse has been designed with a special grooved channel frame to help reinforce the panels against wind and bad weather.

Photovoltaic solar greenhouse is a new greenhouse, is in on the greenhouse top all or part of the sunny surface, laying photovoltaic solar power panels, it has power generation capacity, but also can provide a suitable production environment for some crops or edible fungi.

Bulgarian shrimp pond and fish and vegetable symbiosis greenhouse

Challenge – Environmental control over growing areas
Solution –Water circulation equipment, ecological greenhouse restaurant
Size: 32m*42m
Application – Shrimps and vegetables
Location – Bulgaria


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Growers often have unique requirements and specific growing conditions that can benefit from a custom greenhouse design.
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Properly sizing a greenhouse heating system is crucial for increasing heating capacity and maintaining the perfect temperatures year-round. Sizing a greenhouse heating system only requires growers to make several measurements and a few calculations. Once the numbers are crunched, growers will be well on their way to sufficiently heating their operation.
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With the winter months fast approaching, every grower knows that now is the time to prepare their greenhouses for the onslaught of winter weather and cold temperatures. It is important for growers to winterize their greenhouse, so their grow can thrive even during the coldest winter months.
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In many areas, growers don't have to worry about snow burdens or having to use greenhouse heaters to grow year-round. However, not everyone has this luxury, and for growers in colder climates, winter greenhouses provide a lifeline, allowing them to grow uninterrupted so they can remain competitive. Still, success may vary from operation to operation.
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Insulating a greenhouse is crucial for maintaining a suitable growing environment during the winter months. Proper insulation helps prevent heat loss, reduces energy consumption, and protects plants from extreme temperatures.
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There are a number of different ways for growers to cool their greenhouses. The best option will likely change from operation to operation based on different factors, like greenhouse size or location.
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Most growers know that in any commercial operation, an effective greenhouse watering system is one of the keys to a successful harvest. In addition to greater crop development, the right greenhouse irrigation system will help growers with a number of other factors, leading to increased profits.
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The aquaponics system is an integrated agricultural system that combines fish farming and vegetable cultivation, using the interaction between the two to achieve sustainable agricultural production. The basic principle of the system is that the fish provide nutrients to the plants, and the plants filter and purify the water quality, providing a good growth environment for the fish.

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