About us

About us

Brief introduction of us

Weifang Sainpoly Greenhouse Equipment Co., Ltd is a renowned supplier of various types of greenhouses in China. Specializing in China light dep greenhouses, blackout greenhouses, PC greenhouses, PO film greenhouses, and tunnel film greenhouses, Sainpoly offers comprehensive solutions for commercial horticulture. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Sainpoly provides innovative greenhouse systems that ensure optimal growing conditions, light control, and crop protection. Their expertise in greenhouse manufacturing and dedication to meeting customer needs have established them as a trusted partner in the industry.

Our team

Our company has workers with many years of experience, mature technology research, excellent sales staff, and experienced greenhouse design. We are committed to providing our customers with the best greenhouse solutions and comprehensive services.

Our certificate

Weifang Sainpoly Greenhouse Equipment Co., Ltd. is proud to hold several important certifications in the industry. We have obtained the CE certification, which ensures that our products meet EU safety, health, and environmental standards. In addition, we have achieved ISO certification, which demonstrates that our company has established a quality management system that meets international standards. Furthermore, we have obtained SGS certification, which is a globally recognized standard for quality and integrity. These certifications reflect our commitment to providing high-quality greenhouse equipment and services to our customers worldwide.



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