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High quality hot-dip galvanized steel
The process of galvanizing after welding is used for welding component
The guarantee period is more than 20 years
Hot-dip galvanizing with double sides
All components are assembled on site
Connector and fastener corrosion will not occur within 20 years

1.High quality steel structure and it can be in service for more than 10 years: main steel material is all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.
2.Prefabricated structure.All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal performance of anti-corrosion.
3.Extruding film has the function of dustproof ,anti-fog, anti-dripping,anti-aging,anti-mildew; UV block treatment.
4.Side ventilation (optional): Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.

 Multi-span glass greenhouse adopts hot-galvanized steel frame,the covering material commonly used 4-5mm high-quality float glass ortempered glass, double glazing, but also can choose the covering material according to customer requirements. 

Venlo PC sheet greenhouse is a structure with walls and roof made of PC in which plants requiring regulated climatic conditions are grown. The greenhouse is high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The greenhouse is filled with equipment including screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting, and may be controlled by a computer to optimize conditions for plant growth. Different techniques are then used to evaluate optimality-degrees and comfort ratio of greenhouse micro-climate (i.e., air temperature, relative humidity and vapor pressure deficit) in order to reduce production risk prior to cultivation of a specific crop.

2020 American arched pc sheet greenhouse project

Challenge – Environmental control over growing areas
Solution –5 greenhouses
Size: 20m*40m
Application – Growing flowers and plants
Location – Montrose, Colo.

PE Film greenhouse is the most widely used commercial greenhouses for crop production. HUIFA greenhouse features longer growing season, all-around crop protection, durable structure while still maintaining low cost per square feet.

Tunnel greenhouse

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The structure is simple and easy to install, and the greenhouse area is small, which is conducive to mechanical operations and enhances land use capacity. It can be used for seed breeding and planting of flowers and vegetable, as well as for the reproduction of poultry.

Structure and Configuration

Skeleton: galvanized steel materials;

Type of Construction: Arched

Covering Materials:

0.15mm PE Film and Polyethylene black net

Supporting Systems:

Manual Plastic-film Reeling Ventilation Device.



Tunnel greenhouse Tunnel greenhouse




Greenhouse Skeleton


Arched pipe

Mian pipe


Tube spacing:2m

Roof Connect Pipe



 Side Window Pipe

Quantity:2 side window


Span face support pipe



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