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1. Light transmittance: >90%. Crops can get more light to grow.
2. Beautiful appearance.
3. Good insulation performance. It can save a lot of energy and electricity

Film greenhouse is a type of greenhouse that uses plastic film as a covering material instead of traditional glass. The plastic film allows sunlight to pass through while providing insulation and protection to the plants inside. Film greenhouses are popular among small and mid-sized farmers due to their affordability, ease of assembly, and low maintenance costs. They are also more flexible than glass greenhouses and can be easily modified or relocated. Film greenhouses come in different shapes and sizes, and can be used to grow a variety of crops, from vegetables and flowers to fruits and ornamentals.


1.Single span plastic poly tunnel film greenhouse is economic.

2.It is used for tomato,cucumber,lettuce,strawberry,mushroom,herb,pepper,eggplant etc.
3.Plastic film greenhouse will help to increase the yield of the vegetable.
4.It will help to grow in the cold winter,and it will help to lower the temperature in the hot summer.It is widely used all over the world.

• Good insulation in winter
• Unique glass sealing structure,completely solve the problem of roof leakage.
•The glass greenhouse can realize the full automatic control. Heating system (heating fan or hot water heating), shading screen system, fog or water curtain cooling system, CO2 supplement system, lighting system, spray and drip irrigation and fertilization system, Computer integrated control system, roof sprinkler system and so on can be provided.

Multispan-glass greenhouse has a modern and novel in exterior, and has a stable structure.
It adopts hot galvanized pipes. So it is strong and practical and also simple beautiful in overall. 
The covering material is glass which has the high transmittance, good insulation.
The design of wide span and pinnacle made a large operating inner space, a high utilization and a good bandwagon effect.

Aluminum gutter greenhouse,can be covered with PO film or F-clean film or PC sheet, excellent anti-rust performance!

The Rise of Tunnel Film Greenhouses in China


China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer is a popular low-cost protective structure option utilized by smaller-scale growers around the world. China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer has become major suppliers of high-quality, innovative tunnel film greenhouses tailored to customer needs. This article explores the key manufacturers, structural options, coverings, functionality and benefits of tunnel film greenhouse from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer .

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer


Introduction to Tunnel Film Greenhouses

Tunnel film greenhouses refer to simple single-span greenhouse structures consisting of bent metal or plastic hoops (arches) covered with plastic sheeting. The long tunnel shape maximizes interior growing space while minimizing structural materials.

Tunnel film greenhouse from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer is primarily used for season extension and protected cultivation of high-value horticultural crops like vegetables, berries and flowers. They allow earlier planting, faster growth, weather protection and lower pest pressure compared to open-field farming.

While lacking some of the sophistication of multi-span glass greenhouses, tunnel film greenhouses provide growers with an accessible and affordable option for controlled environment agriculture. They can range from basic temporary structures to semi-permanent installations with automated functionality.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer


Structural Options

China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer offers tunnel film greenhouses in a range of framework materials and sizes:

  • Frameworks made of galvanized steel, aluminum or plastic hoops for durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Multi-bay tunnels with two or more spans side-by-side for expanded growing capacity.
  • Connected tunnels in series for unlimited expandability.
  • Concrete or wooden base walls for semi-permanent installations.
  • Roll-up, drop-down and hinged door systems for end walls and vents.

Covering Materials

A key advantage of China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer is our wide selection of specialized greenhouse plastic coverings:

  • Polyethylene films – Single, double and triple layer options to balance durability, light transmission and insulation properties.
  • IR thermal plastic films – Reduce heat loss and boost yields in colder regions.
  • Diffuse / Anti-drop films – Disperse light and prevent condensation for optimal conditions.
  • Anti-fog films – Prevent droplet formation that blocks light transmission.
  • Insect netting – Integrated mesh screens provide ventilation while keeping out pests.
  • Shade cloth – External retractable screens control light levels and temperatures.
  • Rigid polycarbonate panels – For extra durability in high-wind locations.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer


Functional Options

China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer offers tunnel film greenhouses with varying levels of functionality:

  • Passive ventilation – Roll-up side walls and end panels for natural airflow.
  • Motorized vents – Automated controls for side, roof and end vents.
  • Cooling systems – Fan and pad evaporative cooling units for temperature control.
  • Heating systems – Overhead heaters, hot water pipes or ground source heat pumps.
  • Irrigation booms – Suspended piping with programmable drip emitters.
  • Supplemental lighting – Interchangeable LED growth lights.
  • Benches – Height adjustable growing benches maximize space.
  • Environmental controls – sensors, timers, thermostats to automate climate management.

Key Applications of Tunnel Film Greenhouses

Tunnel film greenhouses from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer provide a low-cost protective growing environment ideal for many agricultural and horticultural applications. Their simple tunnel shape covered in plastic sheeting can be tailored to suit a wide range of crops, climates and scales of production. Some of the main applications of tunnel film greenhouses include:

Protected Vegetable Cultivation

Tunnel film greenhouses are commonly used by small to medium-scale vegetable growers to improve yields, quality and profit margins. Crops such as tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce and herbs thrive in the protected tunnel environment. Benefits include earlier production, weather protection, and reduced pest pressure. Tunnels allow urban farmers and market gardeners to supply local markets with fresh produce.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer


Soft Fruit Production

Berries and other soft fruits grow well in tunnel film greenhouses. The enclosed environment prevents rain damage while allowing sunlight transmission for ripening. It provides protection from birds and ground pests as well. Higher yields and better fruit quality can be achieved compared to open field production.

Cut Flower Production

Many delicate flower varieties are grown in tunnel film greenhouses to protect them from weather extremes and pests. Controlled conditions allow growers to time flower harvests to target premium holiday prices. Popular cut flowers include roses, lilies, gerbera daisies, tulips and carnations.

Nursery Production

Tunnel film greenhouses from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer provide ideal conditions for propagation and growth of horticultural nursery stock. Young seedlings and cuttings can develop into strong, healthy plants protected from drying winds, cold nights and heavy rains. Common nursery crops include trees, shrubs, perennials and ornamental plants.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer


Organic Production

Organic producers favor tunnel film greenhouses from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer because they provide a protective barrier from exterior pest and disease sources. Without the need for chemical inputs, crops can be grown in tunnels using organic methods. This also prevents genetic contamination from neighboring GMO crops.

Season Extension

Tunnel film greenhouses make it possible to start planting earlier in spring and continue harvesting into winter for an expanded production season. Roll-up sides allow for natural summer ventilation. High tunnels boost productivity on plots of land by maximizing usage over more of the year.

Backyard Growing

For home gardeners with limited space, small tunnel film greenhouses enable year-round food production. They allow a range of fruits, vegetables and herbs to be grown productively on apartment balconies, patios or backyards. A polytunnel greenhouse provides weather protection and pest control.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer



Many schools and universities use tunnel film greenhouses to provide students with hands-on agriculture and horticulture education. The small enclosed environment is ideal for teaching topics like propagation, hydroponics, integrated pest management and season extension in a practical setting.


Researchers leverage tunnel film greenhouses from China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer to conduct controlled environment agriculture experiments on crop production, integrated pest management, season extension and more. The low cost tunnel structures are suitable for trialing new growing methods or technologies.

Tunnel film greenhouses are a versatile protected growing solution. With proper design and management, they can fulfill a multitude of agriculture, horticulture and research applications – especially for small and medium-sized growing operations.

china tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer



With our optimized structural engineering, vast material options, and integrated functionality, China tunnel film greenhouse manufacturer enables growers to implement protected growing environments at accessible costs. The possibilities for customization make tunnel greenhouses an ideal solution for small to mid-scale crop producers worldwide, from hobby greenhouses to commercial market gardens.

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