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High quality hot-dip galvanized steel
The process of galvanizing after welding is used for welding component
The guarantee period is more than 20 years
Hot-dip galvanizing with double sides
All components are assembled on site
Connector and fastener corrosion will not occur within 20 years

PE Film greenhouse is the most widely used commercial greenhouses for crop production. Sainpoly greenhouse features longer growing season, all-around crop protection, durable structure while still maintaining low cost per square feet.

According to different covering material, customers budget and the cannabis quality planted, we supply PC Sheet Light Deprivation Greenhouse,, PE Film Light Deprivation Greenhouse, Hybrid Greenhouse, Sealed Greenhouse, Indoor Grow Warehouse.

Greenhouses provide an ideal environment for plants. They protect vegetables from the effects of frost, wind and rain; ensure uniformly high quality; help fruit, vegetables and flowers ripen faster, allowing several crops to be harvested in one year.

The polycarbonate (PC) greenhouse is preferred Venlo type (also can use circular arch type), using a multi span roof, with shape of modern, stable structure, beautiful form, smooth version, remarkable thermal insulation performance, moderate light transmission rate, many rainy grooves, large span, drainage volume, strong wind resistance ability, suitable for area of big wind and rainfall.

Agricultural/Commercial Multi-Span Plastic Film Greenhouse with Hydroponic for Vegetables/Fruit/Flower/Lettuce/Pepper/Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Cherry/Tomato Growing

1)The sunlight greenhouse large span colum free structure, large space, suitable for mechanized operation.
2)Strong frame bearing capacity, long lifetime.
3)Reasonable roof lighting angle, adequate indoor lighting, good insulation performance, energy saving.

Light deprivation blackout greenhouse

Short Description:

American arched film blackout greenhouse


Size: 3840㎡
Application – Hydroponic cannabis production  
Location – Oregon, USA

We offer affordable full light deprivation greenhouse kits and accessories in USA, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Australia, etc.

Automated Light Deprivation, Wind and Snow Resistant, 100% Blackout, Automated Controller.

Greenhouse Specialists Provide Project Design/Consulting Services. Perfect After-sales Service.

Product Detail:
Products Description


Light deprivation greenhouse  also called blackout greenhouse is specially designed for professional cultivation and precise management of high-value crops, especially for cannabis growing by adjusting the temperature, nutrition, humidity, and lighting. 

Light deprivation blackout greenhouse Light deprivation blackout greenhouse

The SAINPOLY series Film commercial greenhouse advantage includes:

1.Cost-effective, simplified light deprivation system. easy to install and maintain.

2.The cable-driven system ascends to the greenhouse’ s peak, creating total darkness in moments.

3.Optional equipment packages are available to ensure each structure is properly outfitted. packages include two exhaust fans with centrifugally activated shutters and low-profile light traps, an evaporative cooling system and endwall vent with white-black-white cladding and horizontal airflow fans with hanging equipment.

4.The greenhouse’ s frames are made with galvanized steel for superior strength. greenhouses can be engineered for up to 105 mph wind speed, 25 psf ground snow load and 12 psf live load.

5.Available 32′ w and 48′ l, 72″ l, 96′ l and 120′ l 7′ h sidewalls, 16′ -3/8″h peak and 6.3:12 roof pitch.

6.White-black-white polycarbonate endwalls. structure is clad with an inflatable film for superior insulation.

*Professional engineer team help the grower to get the most suitable planting solution to help them get the biggest yield and drastically reducing their cost per gram;
* Improved growing environment: 100% light dep, 3-layer of breathable blackout curtain, advanced lighting cycle control achieve rapid growth from planting to flowering, shorten the maturation cycle, and can be planted all the year round greatly improve the yield and with these facilities, profits increased by reliable produce large scale. Increase yield and quality, growers can get returns higher and more steadily;
With an ideal price to allow the operations anywhere to boost their profitability, this single-span film light dep greenhouse cost-effective price has growers all over the world adopting this model into their operation;
Easy-installation and use: Complete installation manual, drawing and video with goods.



Items Specification
Parameter *Length: 105ft, 120ft, 131ft, 144ft(32m, 36m, 40m, 44m), Width: 30ft (9m);

* Hot Selling Stocked Model: 105*30ft, 120*30ft, 131ft*30ft (32*9m, 36*9m, 40*9m), can be customized;

Wind Load: 75mph(140km/h)  Snow Load: 20lbs  Hanging Load: 31b/sqft

* Control System: 220-240v/380v, ph1/ph3, 50Hz/60Hz available.

Applied Group *First-time greenhouse growers;

* Outdoor to Greenhouse Growers;

The Effect achieved * Planter can make in all 4 seasons; the output is higher than outdoor planting every season;

* More controllable planting conditions, provide the temperature, humidity, lighting, planting system required for planting;

* 100% light dep design and light system settings, only supplemental lighting is need, thus drop energy use and cost dramatically;

* Increase yield and quality, growers can get returns higher and more steadily with economical investment.

China Light Dep Greenhouse: Enhancing Crop Production with Precision


In the realm of modern agriculture, the demand for innovative and efficient growing solutions is on the rise. The advent of China Light Dep Greenhouses has revolutionized the way we cultivate crops, offering a host of benefits that traditional methods simply cannot match. This comprehensive product description will delve into the attributes, functions, and advantages of China Light Dep Greenhouses, shedding light on their role in transforming the agricultural landscape.

Understanding China Light Dep Greenhouses

  • What is a China Light Dep Greenhouse?

China Light Dep Greenhouses are advanced structures designed to create optimal growing conditions for crops through the precise management of light exposure. These greenhouses utilize a combination of blackout materials, light filtration systems, and automated control systems to regulate the amount of light plants receive. By mimicking natural light cycles, growers can effectively control the flowering and fruiting stages of their crops, leading to increased yields and improved quality.

  • Key Attributes of China Light Dep Greenhouses

China Light Dep Greenhouses possess several key attributes that set them apart from traditional greenhouse structures:

Light Control Systems

The hallmark attribute of China Light Dep Greenhouses is their sophisticated light control systems. These systems enable growers to manipulate the duration and intensity of light exposure, replicating natural light conditions throughout the year. By simulating shorter or longer days, growers can trigger flowering or vegetative growth, promoting better crop management and maximizing productivity.

Blackout Materials

China Light Dep Greenhouses utilize blackout materials that effectively block out external light sources. These materials are often composed of high-quality, lightproof fabrics or screens that can be automatically deployed or retracted as needed. The use of blackout materials allows growers to create a controlled environment, eliminating unwanted light and maintaining precise light cycles for different crops.

Automated Control Systems

China Light Dep Greenhouses are equipped with automated control systems that manage the light exposure and other environmental variables. These systems can be programmed to regulate the opening and closing of blackout materials, control temperature and humidity levels, and monitor other essential parameters. The automation simplifies the growing process and provides growers with greater control and precision over their cultivation practices.

Functions of China Light Dep Greenhouses

  • Light Management for Photoperiod Control

The primary function of China Light Dep Greenhouses is to facilitate photoperiod control. By manipulating the duration of light exposure, growers can influence the flowering, fruiting, and growth patterns of their crops. This precise management of light cycles is particularly crucial in regions with limited daylight hours or when growing light-sensitive crops. China Light Dep Greenhouses ensure that plants receive the ideal amount of light for each stage of their development, maximizing productivity and optimizing crop quality.

  • Crop Protection and Climate Control

China Light Dep Greenhouses also serve as effective shields against adverse weather conditions, pests, and diseases. The enclosed structure protects crops from extreme temperatures, wind, hail, and other external factors that could harm or hinder growth. Additionally, the automated control systems in these greenhouses allow growers to maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels, creating a microclimate that promotes healthy plant growth and mitigates the risk of pests and diseases.

  • Extended Growing Season

China Light Dep Greenhouses offer the advantage of an extended growing season. By precisely controlling light exposure, growers can cultivate crops during periods when natural conditions may not be favorable. This feature allows for increased production and enables growers to capitalize on market demands by providing a consistent supply of fresh produce throughout the year.

  • Increased Yield and Crop Quality

The precise light management provided by China Light Dep Greenhouses translates into increased crop yield and improved quality. By optimizing light exposure, growers can stimulate consistent growth, enhance flowering and fruiting, and control plant development. This level of precision contributes to higher yields, uniform crop maturity, and enhanced nutritional value, ultimately leading to greater profitability for farmers.

Precision Agriculture and Data-driven Insights

China Light Dep Greenhouses facilitate precision agriculture by incorporating advanced technology and data-driven insights. The automated control systems collect and analyze environmental data, enabling growers to make informed decisions regarding crop management. This data-driven approach allows for real-time adjustments, better forecasting, and continuous optimization of cultivation practices, leading to increased productivity and improved profitability.

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