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Agricultural/Commercial Multi-Span Plastic Film Greenhouse with Hydroponic for Vegetables/Fruit/Flower/Lettuce/Pepper/Bell Pepper/Mushroom/Cherry/Tomato Growing

1)The sunlight greenhouse large span colum free structure, large space, suitable for mechanized operation.
2)Strong frame bearing capacity, long lifetime.
3)Reasonable roof lighting angle, adequate indoor lighting, good insulation performance, energy saving.

Cannabis planting solution expert with 15 years experience.

The only manufacturer & exporter of cannabis greenhouse & grow racks
in China. According to different covering material, we supply PC Sheet Cannabis Greenhouse, Hybrid Cannabis Greenhouse, PE Film Cannabis Greenhouse, Sealed Cannabis Greenhouse.


Sturdy galvanized steel structure.

Stock and custom designs to meet any operational needs.

Numerous greenhouse covering options.

Wind and snow resistant, 100% blackout, automatic roll up, roll down.

We offer affordable full light deprivation greenhouse kits and accessories in USA, South Africa, Thailand, Canada, Australia, etc.

Automated Light Deprivation, Wind and Snow Resistant, 100% Blackout, Automated Controller.

Greenhouse Specialists Provide Project Design/Consulting Services. Perfect After-sales Service.

Multispan-glass greenhouse has a modern and novel in exterior, and has a stable structure.
It adopts hot galvanized pipes. So it is strong and practical and also simple beautiful in overall. 
The covering material is glass which has the high transmittance, good insulation.
The design of wide span and pinnacle made a large operating inner space, a high utilization and a good bandwagon effect.

PC sunlight Greenhouse Cover material Compared to other cover materials, polycarbonate hollow plate (PC plate) has good daylighting, warming, lightweight, high strength, prevent dewing, impact resistant. It has many advantages such as only melt but no expending, good heat resistance at high temperature, won't fracture or break during installation or use process, strong adaptability and security. In short, this plate is economic and durable.which can provide anti-aging performance of more than 10 years. The greenhouse which is covered by this kind if material has longer service life, modern appearance, steady structure, fluent visual, effective heat preservation, low operating cost in winter.

Multi-span Plastic greenhouse, suitable for climate conditions in most areas of the world, can be used for planting tomatoes, berries, lettuce, cucumber and other plants. It is our most popular greenhouse structure, with very good light conditions and climate control. Excellent stability, reliable snow load capacity and rain load capacity. ……

Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

Product Detail:

Product Description

Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse
Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

Wind load 0.45KN\m2
Snow load 0.35KN/m2
Column space 8.0m
Eaves Height 6m
Span 12.0m
Greenhouse Style Venlo Type Greenhouse
Greenhouse Structure Hot-dip Galvanized Steel Pipe
Covering Material PC sheet
Film Thickness 10mm
Layer Single
Transmittance Rate >80%
Film Color Transparent,White
Service Time >10 Years

Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

1. Main advantage 
High quality hot-dip galvanized steel
The process of galvanizing after welding is used for welding component
The guarantee period is more than 20 years
Hot-dip galvanizing with double sides
All components are assembled on site
Connector and fastener corrosion will not occur within 20 years

Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse
Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

2. Greenhouse System(depend on your requests)
Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

Water treatment:Rare flowers and plants have very high request for its irrigation water. Bad quality can affect the growth of flowers and color beauty , and it also affect the flexibility of leaves and flowers which may  become fragile. For special irrigation water requirements for these rare flowers and plants, we have introduced international advanced water treatment technology, which can fully meet the requirements of irrigation water quality meeting to the standards of drinking water. We also can tailor the most appropriate water treatment system according to the customer’s requirements.

Sprinkler irrigation System:It use high-pressure pump for irrigation by spray system, which sprays water on the crops, is a method of irrigation water for the normal growth. It is a modern agricultural production technology collecting irrigation, fertilization and automation management. It can be divided into mobile pattern or sprinkler fixed irrigation system or half fixed spray irrigation system.

3.Our Main Greenhouse Type
★Venlo type PC(polycarbonate)sheet greenhouse
★Venlo type Glass Greenhouse
★Muti-span arch-type film greenhouse
★Single-span arch-type film greenhouse
★Solar greenhouse
★Photovoltaic greenhouse
★Spherical greenhouse
★Greenhouse restaurant

Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse
Agriculture Hydroponics Pepper PC Sheet Greenhouse

4. FAQ 
Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory and we also have our trading company .
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 20-30 days after order.
Q: Do you provide samples ? is it free or extra ?
A: Yes, we could offer the sample for free charge but do not pay the cost of freight.
Q: How to install the greenhouse? Do you provide installation service?
A: We will provide paper or video building manual, or if needed we will send engineer
  to do installation guidance.

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