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Single span film plastic greenhouse

Tunnel film greenhouse a kind of simple and practical equipment for cultivation or breeding
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Low cost 12m single span film plastic greenhouse


Product Description


1.High quality steel structure and it can be in service for more than 10 years: main steel material is all hot dip galvanized with excellent anti-corrosion effectiveness.
2.Prefabricated structure.All the parts can be easily assembled on the spot with joining parts and bolts and nuts, without any welding points to damage the zinc coating on the material, which guarantee the optimal performance of anti-corrosion.
3.Extruding film has the function of dustproof ,anti-fog, anti-dripping,anti-aging,anti-mildew; UV block treatment.
4.Side ventilation (optional): Natural Ventilation on two sides, manually Controlled. Insect net is available.




Product specification


Low coat 12m single span film plastic greenhouse


100% new PEP Film
Light transmittance

more than 90% depends on sunlight of the area 

Span width

6m,8m,10m or as your request


24-60m or as your request


1.8m or as your request

Wind load


Snow load


Greenhouse system

1.Ventilation system
2.Irrigation system
3.Cooling system


Detailed picture





Greenhouse system




Hot dip galvanized steel square tube, resists corrosion. Smooth and straight for perfect roll ups and drop downs . Can be used for vertical anti-billow pipe, purlins for green houses and building shade frames.. Available swaged at one end or plain ends.


Cooling System

The exhaust fans eject the air from the greenhouse ,negative pressure formed in the greenhouse. The air enters the greenhouse through the cooling pads, resulting in the effects of cooling, moistening and air-dedusting.

Irrigation system  

Irrigation and fertilization water treatment system with reasonable design improves absorption function of crops toward fertilizer. Meanwhile, it improves crop quality It is especially suitable for the area with poor water quality and crop greenhouse which has high requirements for planting water quality.

Ventilation system. 

Greenhouse side ventilation allow hot air to escape from a greenhouse while simultaneously allowing fresh air into the structure.. Helps to not only keep temperatures moderate, but also provides a gentle breeze which helps promote good air circulation within the greenhouse






Q1:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a factory. Our factory produces all items related to the greenhouse, so we provide the best price,
Q2: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
A: Yes, We can provide samples free of charge, but we don't bear the freight.
Q3: How to get a quotation for the greenhouse?
A: Please let us know how many greenhouses are needed? What will be grown in the greenhouse? So that we can suggest related systems
Q4: How should I choose a greenhouse system?
A: Please let us know where the greenhouse is (temperature, wind speed)
Q5: How to assemble the greenhouse when purchasing?
A:We have professional after-sales service engineers who will provide planning drawings and installation manuals. You can communicate with him from time to time.If necessary, we can also send engineers to your country to supervise the installation of the greenhouse.Please send a message for specific details.

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