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Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse Greenhouse For Medical Plants

Light Deprivation Blackout Greenhouse Greenhouse For Medical Plants

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Product Description

The medicinal medicinal plant market is still in its infancy, but it is developing rapidly. We have the ability
to provide a complete solution for all hemp production, whether it is outdoor or indoor cultivation.
We pay close attention to the trends in each market, and can provide complete design and consulting
solutions on the best medicinal plant processing methods according to the unique needs of customers. From
semi-closed to completely closed or fully ventilated, dehumidification and lighting system.
It is very exciting to be a greenhouse supplier in this landmark industry, and we look forward to being one of them.





Main Features

1.Hot-dip galvanized steel, 15 years warranty;
2.Excellent insulation performance;
3.Energy saving;
4.Low invest and low running cost in winter;
5.Large vents in roof or sides, auto or manual to operate.





Shading system:
(1) The shading rate is 100%. This blackout curtain is suitable for sensitive plants that require
photoperiod control, such as chrysanthemums,Medicinal plant.
(2) The special structure of the double-layer material can achieve a light transmittance of
lessthan 0.4%. The light is reflected by the aluminum foil on the surface of the blind. During 
light and dark periods, unnecessary light accumulation can be prevented. Although made of 
double-layer materials, closedcurtains can still be folded into a smaller size to ensure 
that the cropscan get maximum light whenopened. With good water permeability, no 
condensation water droplets will form on the bottom of the curtain. UV guarantee for 5 




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Greenhouse frame:
Hot galvanized steel framework,with 270g/m2 zinc coated, anti-rust for 10~15 years




Greenhouse Film:
Material: PE film
Features:moisture-proof,dust-proof, drip-proof, anti-fog, anti-aging
UV transmittance: 300-390
Lifespan: 3-8 years









Sides Ventilation:
Sides Vent: The greenhouse 2 sides can be roll up & down by manual roll up machine, 40mesh insect net will be offered for vents Top vent :customized




Blackout System:
Provide a three-layer 100% light deprivation blackout system.
This blackout curtain is suitable for sensitive plants that require photo period control, such as chrysanthemums.UV guarantee for 5 years.











Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
A: We are a factory. Our factory produces all items related to the greenhouse, so we provide the best price,
Q2: How long is your delivery time?
A: 1000-5000 square meters, 25-40 days, if you encounter a special period, please contact the salesperson for details
Q3: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we can provide samples for free, but not pay for shipping.
Q4: How to get a quotation for the greenhouse?
A: Please let us know how many greenhouses are needed? What will be grown in the greenhouse? So that we can suggest related systems
Q5: How should I choose a greenhouse system?
A: Please let us know where the greenhouse is (temperature, wind speed)
Q6: How to assemble the greenhouse when purchasing?
A:We have professional after-sales service engineers who will provide planning drawings and installation manuals. You can communicate with him from time to time. 
If necessary, we can also send engineers to your country to supervise the installation of the greenhouse. 
Please send a message for specific details.
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