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Hot sale Film Greenhouse For vegetable fruit

Single Span Width: 5-10.8m Single Bay Width: 3-6m Cover Material: PE film 150/200 micro Skeleton: hot-dipped galvanized steel
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Hot sale Film Greenhouse For vegetable fruit


Brief Introduction

Plastic film greenhouse, cost-saving and convenient to use. It have great space-efficient performance and strong ventilation ability.
It also provides fruits and vegetables with most suitable conditions and protects them from insects and cold.
All structure can be used for more than 15 years.


Structure and Configuration:

Hot-dipped galvanized steel materials.


Cover Material: PE film 150/200 micro


Arch Roof Structure.


Single Span Width: 5-10.8m


Single Bay Width: 4m/6m


Height of Greenhouse: 4m-8m


Note: The size and height of greenhouse is defined by requirement of our clients.



Support related Systems:

We can supply not only greenhouses, but also related systems.


We can design and offer all the below systems, you can choose according to your acturally requirements.


Ventilation System:


Include the Manual and Electric ventilation system;


Rack-pinion and Roll-up ventilation;


Roof and side ventilation.

Cooling System:


Include the exhaust fan, cooling pad and air-circulating fan;


The exhaust fan eject the air from the greenhouse, negative pressure formed in the greenhouse;


The air enters the greenhouse through the cooling pads, resuilting in the effects of cooling, moistening and air-dedusting.

Shading System:


Include the outside shading system and inside shading system;


Rack and pinion connected;


Stable and durable.

Heating System:


The heating system of greenhouse refers to a set of suitable heating facilities chosen to meet the heating demands, consisting of heating source, heating-radiating facilities, heating-transmitting facilities.



Hydroponic System:


Also known as soilless culture, through the container circulation continuously for plants, vegetables and fruits to provide more adequate water and nutrients, more clean sanitation and neat, easy to clean and clean, by more and more people's favor.

Seedbed System:


Include the Fixed Seedbed System, Moving Seedbed System and Tidal Seedbed System.



Irrigation System:

Include the spray irrigation, drip irrigation and the drip arrow irrigation system;



Control System:


Include ordinary control box and the intelligent control system;


The intelligent control system can control the temperature, humidity and weather stations, it can also be remotely controlled.



We can also offer Lighting system, Fertilization system, Grand Fabric, CO2 generator, Hanging System, Thermal Insulation System, etc.



Packing and Delivery:


The normal package is tube nude cargo, accessories is carton package, we will pack it according to customers special request.
Way: Sea or land transport.


Time: According to the current production line and the greenhouse area arrangement, the normal 800-2000 sqm. greenhouse production time is 30 working days. (Please consult us for the specific time)






Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?


A: We are a factory. Our factory produces all items related to the greenhouse, so we provide the best price,


Q2: How long is your delivery time?


A: 1000-5000 square meters, 25-40 days, if you encounter a special period, please contact the salesperson for details


Q3: Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?


A: Yes, we can provide samples for free, but not pay for shipping.


Q4: How to get a quotation for the greenhouse?


A: Please let us know how many greenhouses are needed? What will be grown in the greenhouse? So that we can suggest related systems


Q5: How should I choose a greenhouse system?


A: Please let us know where the greenhouse is (temperature, wind speed)


Q6: How to assemble the greenhouse when purchasing?


A:We have professional after-sales service engineers who will provide planning drawings and installation manuals. You can communicate with him from time to time. 


If necessary, we can also send engineers to your country to supervise the installation of the greenhouse. 


Please send a message for specific details.

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