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Negative pressure fan use and maintenance precautions

Negative pressure fan use and maintenance precautions

Each negative pressure fan is suitable for cooling in 70-100m2 room.
Negative pressure fan use and maintenance precautions
1. Each negative pressure fan is suitable for cooling in 70-100m2 room.
2. Before using the negative pressure 100-page fan + water curtain system, please check whether there are any paper dust and dust in the wet curtain and the pool. It should be cleaned 6~10 times during the annual use period. The water curtain is directly washed with a water tap, and the water added to the pool should be tap water or other clean water to keep the pipeline smooth and the high efficiency of the wet curtain.
3. The motor is the heart of the fan. If there is a fault, the power should be cut off immediately, and the electrician should be repaired in time. Pay attention to the grounding wire during installation to ensure personal safety. Be careful when disassembling the impeller so as not to deform the blade and collide with the cabinet.
4. The float ball valve in the pool or water tank should ensure that the water level can automatically replenish water when it reaches the lower limit. When the water level reaches the upper limit, the water will be cut off. If the float valve control fails, if the water shortage in the pool is reached or the highest water level is reached, the water should be adjusted or replaced in time. .
5. If it is found that the wet curtain water supply is insufficient or uneven, check whether there is water shortage in the pool, whether the water pump is running, whether the water supply pipeline and the water inlet of the water pump can pass the water, whether the small holes in the water supply pipeline are blocked, and check the spray. Whether the water line is in the middle of the wet curtain. The normal spray height should be greater than 80mm.
6. Since the fan is of low pressure type (static pressure and dynamic pressure are small), it is not possible to use a long pipe at the air outlet of the louver negative pressure fan to supply air at a long distance.
7. The circuit of the fan and the pump should be centrally controlled, and the control switch should be installed indoors.
8. After the louver negative pressure fan is installed, the rain louver cover should be tied to avoid the wind blowing the cover.
9. When the winter water curtain is not in use, the water in the pool or water tank should be drained, and the water curtain and the box should be wrapped with plastic cloth or cotton cloth to prevent the sand from entering the room.