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Wet curtain application

Wet curtain application

The "wet curtain-negative pressure fan" cooling system is composed of a paper porous wet curtain
Application of wet curtains:
First, the wet curtain is used as a cooling system:
1. The "wet curtain-negative pressure fan" cooling system is composed of a paper porous wet curtain, a water circulation system and a fan. When the unsaturated air flows through the surface of the porous, wet wet curtain, a large amount of water evaporates, and the sensible heat reflected by the temperature in the air is converted into latent heat of evaporation, thereby lowering the temperature of the air itself. When the fan draws air, the cold air cooled by the wet curtain is continuously introduced into the room to achieve the cooling effect.
2. The cooling of the wet curtain air cooler is to continuously pump out the water in the water tray with a circulating water pump, and spray it evenly on the evaporation filter layer through the water distribution system, so that the outdoor hot air passes through the evaporation heat exchanger (evaporation heat) In the curtain, the heat is exchanged with the water, and the water is evaporated to cool down and cool, and the clean air is pressurized into the room by the low-noise fan to achieve the cooling effect.
Second, the wet curtain is used as a humidification system:
When wet curtains are used as humidifying media, they are often used in plantations, greenhouses and other special industries where high humidity is required. Because the wet curtain has the characteristics of water absorption, water resistance, fast diffusion speed and long-lasting performance, it is suitable for adjusting indoor humidity.
Third, the wet curtain is used as a filtration system:
The wet curtain also has ventilation, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance. It has excellent filtering effect on dust in the air. It is an environmentally friendly material that is non-toxic, tasteless, clean, humidified and oxygen-cooled. Therefore, it is also used as a medium for air purification and filtration.