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Heating method commonly used in greenhouses

Heating method commonly used in greenhouses

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1.Hot water heating The hot water heating system consists of three basic parts: a hot water boiler, a heating pipe, and a cooling device.The working process is to use a boiler to heat water and then pressurize it with a water pump. It is supplied to the radiator in the greenhouse, which is heated by the radiator to increase the temperature of the greenhouse, and the cooled hot water is returned to the boiler and reheated to repeat the cycle. The hot water heating system runs stably and reliably, and it is a heating method commonly used in glass greenhouses at present.
Common heating methods in greenhouses
2. Hot air heating The hot air heating system consists of a heat source, an air heat exchanger, a fan, and a supply air pipe. The working process is as follows: the air ventilator is heated by the heat provided by the heat source, and a part of the air in the greenhouse is forced to flow through the air heat exchanger with a fan, so that the greenhouse is continuously circulated for heating. The heat source of the hot air heating system can be oil, gas, coal-fired devices or electric heaters, or it can be hot water or steam. Different heat sources have different installation forms for hot air heating equipment. The air heat exchanger of the steam, electric or hot water heating system is installed in the greenhouse and cooperates with the fan to provide hot air directly. Oil and gas-type heating devices are installed in the greenhouse, and the combusted flue gas is discharged into the greenhouse. Coal-fired hot air stoves are generally large and dirty during use, and are generally installed outside the greenhouse. In order to make the hot air evenly distributed in the greenhouse, the hot air is sent into the ventilation pipe by a ventilator.
3. Electric heating The more common method of electric heating is to bury the geothermal line in the ground to increase the ground temperature. It is mainly used in greenhouses to raise seedlings. Electric energy is a clean and convenient energy source, but electric energy is a secondary energy source, which is relatively expensive, so it can only be used as a temporary heating measure for short-term use.